"Originally from the town of Otavalo, in the northern highlands of Ecuador, their goal was to revive Kichwa through pop culture. The Kichwa verb "nin" means "to say". The young vocalists admit they had to re-learn the language of their parents to put it into songs. On stage, they blend languages and native musical instruments such as the Andean flute with more electric sounds. They also juxtapose cultural references, combining men’s traditional long hair with the street fashion from NYC.

The musical repertoire is culturally diverse and inevitably rebellious. Lyrics discuss daily life, identity, discrimination and myriad other societal problems. “Identity" tackles cultural discrimination boys face for keeping their long hair and "20 balas" insists manhood is not achieved through violence or gunshots. Some songs celebrate the power of ancestry while others engage in the active defence of women rights over their bodies


why they so amazing 

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